Requirements Definition

Our initial meetings with Clients focus on their real and perceived needs and processes for activities the space will be used for. These meetings focus on how the rooms will be used (presentation, interactive meetings, lectures, instruction, social events, etc.) and the type of room under consideration (conference, training, meetings, boardrooms, auditoriums, etc.) This phase also considers physical and structural aspects of the space prior to systems design. Once the Requirements definition is completed and a baseline functional design is approved by the Client, we proceed to the System Design phase.

System Design

In this phase the Design is expanded to include specific impacts of infrastructure considerations and develop the technical drawings and bill of materials for the A/V project budget. Once the initial functionality and cost is understood by the client, we proceed to the detailed technical design to include drawings, flows, documentation. Any interactions needed with Architects, Construction, IT networks, Facilities, etc. is addressed during this period.

Product Procurement

TBS is agnostic as to Manufacturer and Vendor suppliers. We maintain relationships with and our
technical staff are technically certified virtually all AV Manufacturers to enable us to efficiently meet the Client needs. We provide the system design based on the technical requirements, manufacturer reputation, price and product availability all around the needs of the Client.


The installation phase of the project begins on-site at TBS when racks and equipment are built,
programmed and tested. Cabling and infrastructure related installs begin at the Client site based on the construction or room ready schedules. A time lapse work flow project plan is developed in conjunction with the other trades. TBS fully participates in construction meetings etc. as required and coordinates with other suppliers to the project.


End user and Support staff training is critical to the success of an AV project. AV/IT staff are trained for first level support including problem diagnostics, simple trouble shooting and test, and simple problem resolution. TBS can work with the in-house training department to develop AV specific training guides and provide hands on training for the end users.

Support & Maintenance

In general, our clients maintain annual service & support arguments with TBS for second level support. Various agreement options exist including hardware replacement, hardware repair, next day on-site and emergency support. Service Level Agreements may vary for each client’s needs and are established individually. Unless otherwise agreed to, software Updates, upgrades, and options are the responsibility of the Client.